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FREE Art Book “Make a Start with Art”

Bird art,bird artist,learn to draw birds,free art course,Here is your free e-book, just click to open the link. If you wish to save the file, just right click and “save as “

Make a Start with Art-Chaffinch

More books will be coming soon

Make a Start with Art-Tonal values…by 24th July

Make a Start with Art 40 Hints & Tips

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Drawing is a basic skill, and one which you can learn quickly and very soon you will become a confident artist. You will learn about the basic technical skills which you can quickly master.  You will soon be an artist.


  • An Essential Skill
  • Confidence as an artist
  • Personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Discover your  creative self.
  • Impress your friends and family with your new skills.
  • You  are creating something worthwhile and enduring.

“I can’t draw”

I can’t draw is the statement I hear most when I attend a local art group. Let me just say, that there are many technically brilliant artists out there, but that level only comes with many hours of practising. Simply, it’s about practice, practice, practice. The more you do, the more confident you will become. There aren’t any secrets. There are many websites which proclaim to have secret art tips, well there is no such thing. So if you wish to become technically brilliant, it is possible.

Magic of Art

Technical drawing is,to me, a means to an end. Once you have the basic tools of art and know how to use them, you can add your own magic to your art. Drawing and painting birds is my passion and I want to share with you some of the basic techniques on “Make a Start with Art”. Even if your passion isn’t birds, the material you find here will be beneficial in extending your practice as an artist.


It all starts with observation, and if you are a keen birder, well, you will have already honed many of the skills which you will need to become an artist:

  1. Eye for detail
  2. Knowledge of bird behaviour
  3. Passion for wildlife
  4. Patience
  5. Bird identification

Stop asking for permission

I pulled this title from a book called “Trust the Process” and it is relevant to all aspiring and seasoned artists alike. The author stipulates that being inspirational and creative has been removed via the schooling practice where pragmatism leads. So if he is correct, and I think he has a point, then I just need to tell you “you have permission to be creative”.

In an artist’s world having the right mental attitude, is paramount. You will make mistakes and that is OK. I too as an artist make mistakes all the time. It is just part of the natural creative process. Therefore, don’t be too critical of your initial attempts. You don’t want to set a bar too high that you can’t climb over, as an artist you need to be productive and progressive.

Tools of the job

In order to make a start any pencil will do. Though to make the best image it does pay to get the tools of the job. Personally I use Derwent artists pencils, they cover the full range of  Or you can use one of many of a variety of differing hardness’s of the pencil. Softer leads were designated with ‘B’ (for black), harder leads with ‘H’ (for hard), so that part is pretty straightforward.

I wouldn’t make a 9H pencil my first choice, as this can be very difficult to see and if you put too much pressure on the paper you will mark/damage the paper; so I would choose a HB. That’s because it is my “general purpose pencil” , one that I often find in my pocket. Used with light pressure you can quickly sketch out your work and quickly correct if necessary.

These ebooks will help you with some of the technical elements of drawing. That is what gives you a “realistic” image of the subject you have chosen. Ideal for 10 year olds to the very, very old, like me!

Art for me is when you go beyond the technical to the magic land of inspiration and expression.That is where your develop your own signature/style and create art that has a wow factor. That will and can occur at any time during your life; some people never reach that point and others find in early on their journey. I can only say enjoy the process and create your art.

Make a Start with Art is a series of art lessons for the beginner. The story behind these projects are as a result of my niece  being Home Schooled. As the artist in the family I was “volunteered” to offer art lessons . Well, I do have some experience, having home schooled my youngest daughter…single handed, I know what it takes …a lot of hard work. Having been a University lecturer I  have some understanding of the learning processes, and I hope I have provided you with the knowledge and skills which you require in developing your art.

My objectives are to produce a series of art projects that anyone can follow.  Unfortunately they are biased towards birds. Though you can use these skills gained here to help you with subjects you feel passionate about.

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