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Copyright…Intellectual Property

All of the  artwork, photographs of my artwork and any articles written in this blog are protected by copyright law.

If you would like to use my work:

(a) Attribute the work to me, I do prefer that you offer your readers a link to my blog.
(b) Do not use the whole article without my written permission.

I will permit usage without you needing to ask permission, though please let me know when and how you have used it.

Student / Amateur/ Established  Artists.
(a) You may copy of my paintings, only if they are  for your own learning experience e.g. a school art project.
(b) You may copy a painting and exhibit it with the words “After Roger Gregory” in the title. N.B. It may not be offered for sale.
(c) You cannot copy a painting and then exhibit it for sale. This contravenes copyright law.

For more about copyright issues go to Own-it website ( .

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