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Commissioning Artwork

 Commissioning Work

I am willing to undertake any commission, as long as it is within my genre…I don’t do cityscapes, ships or aeroplanes! I like to bring my emotions and obsevations  of nature into each individual piece I create. With emotions, I believe is the key to allow the  work to stand out more than any average picture. Do let me now your feelings of what you expect the picture to look like, lets engaged in a dialogue to get to a bespoke piece of artwork,  which will become a unique gift, and a special experience for you…Sometimes this may be a once in a lifetime experience to commission a painting, so this journey must be as good as possible for both of us.

Please read this page and contact me ( email only please, as I paint at irregular times, and you might not wish to discuss your work at 3am!!).


I prefer to paint wildlife subjects, though I may consider painting  botanical or pets.

Please be  mindful of  the following points:

  • Preferred subject matter
  • Design (If you have any specific design ideas you might wish to be incorporated in your commission)
  • Dimensions
  • Budget
  • Time scale


There are several factors that will influence the prices for commissioning any artwork.  All estimated prices varying according to a number of factors. In all cases a deposit will be required and funds must be cleared before any work starts. If for any reason you dissatisfied with the finished work the deposit is non refundable * please see additional information below.

  • The amount of research and fieldwork required…happy to travel worldwide, but the costs would be added to the final price.
  • The complexity of the design.
  • The style of painting required (generally the amount of detail required).
  • Required completion date.
  • Overall dimensions.
  • Any additional expenses that may be incurred (such as framing if required)

You will recieve a contract by email as to your requirements and the total cost, including recorded delivery. Payment of the deposit confirms your contractual agreement to


When working on any commission, I aim  to produce a piece of work that fulfils your expectations. I aim to work within your budget, there will be no extra costs once the contract has been confirmed. If a piece of work therefore takes longer and involves more work than I initially envisage, then I bear the cost in terms of my time.

Once a commission has been agreed with a fixed price, I ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure a fixed date for work to begin. I will also give you an estimated timescale for completion of the work at this point. Fixed prices will include all research and design work, completion of the finished painting and final delivery. This price also includes in-transit  insurance, and a certificate of authenticity.

Framing is not included in the price, you must make your own arrangements. I prefer to hang my work frameless, and I do paint the edges, so the finished work can be exhibited without expensive frames…but the choice remains with you.

Design approval

Having completed any initial design work, I will email or post a pencil visual for approval before I commit to paint. Whilst it is possible to make large scale design changes at this stage, I reserve the right to make a final decision on the design as it is essential to produce a piece of work I feel comfortable in creating.

Completion of your painting

When the work is completed, I will supply you with a  jpeg image for your final  approval. Reasonable minor amendments may be made at this stage , though please remember that a painting will never be the exact image you are visualising. I will use my artistic judgement to create the work and to determine when it is complete

Subject matter

*Once a commission is accepted and, upon viewing, the finished painting does not meet your requirements, there is no obligation to purchase. This guarantee is made on the agreement that any initial deposit paid is non-refundable.

For large or very specialist subjects, full payment for the painting is required on completion of the work, this will be noted in your contract. For high value commissions, staged payments may be required.


All rights of reproduction and all copyright of the commissioned work (including all designs) remain the sole property of the artist (Roger Gregory). If you wish to purchase the copyright, a separate agreement in writing and an additional fee will be required. The fee will reflect the proposed use of the work.Copyright: The artist retains all rights  including the right to reproduce and sell as prints and the right to use for promotional purposes.

Do read Buying Artwork, your protection

Approximate starting prices: a guide only.

10×8″ £95, 12×12″ – £125 /12×24″ – £185 /12×36″ – £250 /16×20″ – £135/18×24″ – £175/20×20″ – £165 to £180
/24×24″ – £250/24×30″ – £275/24×36″ – £300/30×30″ – £350 to £375/30×40″ – £400/24×48″ – £450/36×36″ – £450
/36×48″ – £625

There are other standard sizes as well. The prices above are meant to give you a starting point, but may or may not be adjusted depending on the specific project.
Do you have a special request in size or colours?
If you love a particular painting, but it is already sold or in the wrong size, I can paint one in a similar style and colours for you.

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