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Work in Progress

I started to think about my next project today and decided to take a look back over my old design books to see if anything would catch my eye . Well, in one old notebooks from 2001, there was a series of four draughts for Oystercatchers which immediately caught my attention. Mmmm, I could make a picture out of this one, but my curiosity got the better of me and decided to take another look in my notebook. But after sifting through 148 pages of bird designs I had drawn in 1 month( that was a productive month), I decided on page 122, yes the series of Oystercatchers!  I think I should go with my initial feelings more often…it would save me a little time at least.

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Design book :March 2001

I have already added an extra bird to the bottom right hand corner of this 22 x 18″ canvas. I  very rarely go straight to the painting stage as I will spend the next few days with this propped up in my studio, just getting to know the picture. This is when I will be making the decisions as to the background design that will work best for this picture. My initial feelings are for an active or noisy background to contrast against the calm of the resting Oystercatchers…well lets see what happens!! Oystercatchers preliminary sketch on canvas by bird artist Roger Gregory, Painting of Oystercatchers,wildlife art painting,uk wildlife artist,painting wildlife,wild life paintings,birds paintings,wild life painting,wildlife art painting,uk wildlife artist16th May

I have gone along with my first feelings that this will become a colourful and active background for the Oystercatchers. I started off by using a green wash to the canvas. I know as artists we are often tuaght that we should use an Ochre wash, but I go with my feelings on the day and today its green.

Oystercatcher painting, acrylic painting of Oystercatchers by Roger Gregory,Roger Gregory bird artist painting Oystercatchers,oystercatchers are birds of the coast,This part of the painting I do very quickly. For me this stage is about putting some energy into the picture, energy that hopefully will carry this art work to completion. I have many un-finished canvases around the studio, because they are not calling out to me, and then one day BANG, the inspiration to work on them just appears and away I go.

Oystercatchers by Roger Gregory, an original acrylic bird painting by Roger Gregory,bird artist Roger Gregory's painting of OystercatchersNow that I have removed the first obstacle, that of just starting the picture, which can sometimes be termed “artists block”. I can now start to think about the overall design that I wish to include in the painting. The first few layers of every painting very rarely survive to the finished stage. I have to battle with a balance of not only colours, but the tonal values  as well, so that hopefully are not discordent with one another.

Painting oystercatchers,painting oystercatchers by Roger Gregory,Roger Gregory bird artist painting Oystercatchers,

31st May.

 After a couple of weeks this painting has been back and forth from my easel to the wall quiet a few times. My main problem was I didnt take enough photographs from the picture above to the next one below. But I am sure you will be able to notice the amount of work that has been carried out. I think it will take another week perhaps two before I am satisfied with this work.

Oystercatchers by bird artist Roger Gregory,Roger Gregory bird art, an acrylic painting of Oystercatchers by wildlife artist Roger Gregory,art paintings by Roger Gregory,

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