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About me… the artist

I am…an eclectic, design lead artist, who strives to bring decoration into my art work. Originality  to me  means moving away from that  conventional “bird on a twig” painting.

Staffordshire born and still living in the county, I have explored many countries around the World, all of which have added to and expanded my portfolio of designs and sketches of birds and other flora and fauna in their natural habitats. From watching a herd of elephants strolling  the edge of a lake in Sri Lanka, to watching Sable antelope in Kenya. To a worryingly close encounter with a Cobra, which will remain forever in my mind , as will a family of Porcupines walking carefree along  side a busy road…  I have still ended back in my home county, a little less threatening, but still a  haven for an artist and naturalist.

I am an artist first who happens to have a strong affinity towards wildlife and natural history in general. My work straddles the genres of Realism and Abstract art, hopefully delivering a smooth transition between the two thoughts of art, and produce a well designed piece. This process can at times be tormenting, eventually as the marks of my struggle appear on the canvas, they become my focus for reworkings of the  canvases; over and over again until my perceived problems resolve themselves only to reveal that magical moment when things finally come together.

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