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Make a Start with Art…Draw a Chaffinch…Free book.

June 14, 2011

Make a Start with Art

“Make a Start with Art”, is my new guide for aspiring bird artists. This free book is aimed primarily at beginners, it is a step by step “how to draw a Chaffinch” e-book. I have tried to make it easy, but you will have to be the judge to see if I have succeeded.

Why Should You Get this Guide?

  • Because Roger has worked hard to make it!
  • Your artistic life may get much easier.
  • Because everyone’s doing it; and  it’s cool to draw.
  • Because its easy to follow.
  •  A good result in a couple of hours.
  • Amaze your friends with your new skills.

I’m sure there are many more reasons as to why you should use this free e-book. Also, I have several other books in the making which you will find useful and they will compliment and support this first book.

Make a Start with Art

An Art Challenge

If you take up the challenge to draw a bird from “Make a Start with Art,” I would really like to see the results of your endeavours. You will find my contact details in the book. I will make a page here for you to show everyone what you have done. This will be a safe and supportive page, with no negative feedback, only positive support for you and your art. Are you up for it?

Home Schooled?

I am a strong advocate of home schooling, having spent several years schooling my youngest daughter, I can empathise with the work that is required. This book will be useful and appropriate to your children with their “art curriculum”. My niece has just made her first steps into home education and I hope this book will entice her to take up her pencils. I don’t wish to put a recommended age to these books, but 10 years to adult should be about right. It depends on the passion and individual as to its suitability. Above all have fun.

More Books.

I have two additional books in production at the moment and you will find them on the “Make a Start with Art” tab at the top of my blog when they are available.

Gallery of Art

I have set a challenge for you to complete the drawing of the Chaffinch, and I will make a Gallery for you to display your work. The details are on the “Make a Start with Art” page and in the book.

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