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Song Thrushes on Bramley

May 5, 2011

Song Thrushes

I have an old Bramley apple tree in my garden which provides me not only with delicious apples, but on hot days some dappled shade. Sitting quietly uder this tree, allows me to get a little nearer to my local wildlife, and as you can see these guys just sat directly overhead. With the occassional look of checking me out they remained for several minutes, enough time for me to make a quick sketch on a scrap of paper.

Bird artist Roger Gregory,Song Thrush on Bramley,bramley apple tree,two song thrush's,bird painting in acrylic,

As you can see it was a glorious blue sky that morning and the leaves were fresh and young and they made a good design feature. I feel this painting has worked well overall, and I have implement this design in a few other sketches.

Preliminary Study

As you can see I did a prelimary coloured pencil study to allow me to get an initial feeling for this painting. I dont necessarily do this for all of my work. My initial sketches may be the most starved of my attention, just a few lines. It is those few lines that may sit in my notebook for months or even years. Then as if  by magic, those few meagre lines are the catalyst  for my inspiration. That said, it can still be weeks or months of work before I’m satisfied. This painting was stacked against a wall so many times I have lost count. It was accompanied by two other paintings, which coincidentally, I’ve finished this week…well I think they are finished, mmmm! 

Song thrushes on bramley sketch,preliminary art study,song thrushes,tree,Roger Gregory bird artist,

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Prints are available at my site. 

Song Thrushes on Bramley,art by Roger Gregory bird artist,

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  1. May 7, 2011 17:11

    Lovely sketches. You make it sound like it was so easy!

    • May 7, 2011 17:58

      Hi, it really is easy, drawing requires just practice. It’s like starting to learn how to ride a bicycle Huffy. First drawings are a bit wobbly, but in time who knows what is possible. Thanks for visiting, all the best.

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