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Drawing Bald Eagles, an ideal subject for artists

May 2, 2011

I am excited to be able to tell you, “…Bald eagles sleep with their heads took under their wings”!  Thanks to the British Columbia Bald eagle web cams I have been able to learn a great deal about the nest life of Bald Eagles. These magnificent eagles are a delight for everyone whether you are a birder, artist or none of the above. And these eagles make ideal subjects  for drawing.

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 You can now get up close and personal and get some great poses to fill your sketch books. I use them to keep my drawing and sketching skills sharp. Here is quick drawing that I did this morning before breakfast. It didn’t take me longer than half an hour, and I can listen to the world news whilst doing it. If you do enough you will soon have a portfolio of artwork, and you don’t need to limit your subject choice.There are webcams for Osprey,White Tailed Eagles, to name a few;I have put a few links below to start you off.

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Great for Beginners and seasoned artists alike

  1. Daily sketching exercises. It only takes less than 1/2 hr a day.
  2. Take screen shots for more detailed work and save them in a file for future use.
  3. Build your own digital portfolio of your favourite images.
  4. Use  Microsoft OneNote I do this to write my own observation notes, that way I don’t forget where I put them.

Benefits to Eagles

  1. No disturbance to the birds
  2. Added security, because everyone is watching around the world!
  3. No huge carbon footprint to get yourself there.( That doesn’t count if your on your holiday…well,that’s my excuse!)

Artist’s benefits

  1. No falling out of trees , trying to get a look.
  2. Not being chased by bears! Though  this one usually doesn’t apply in the UK…not yet, the beaver has returned hasnt it?
  3. No jet lag…this is one thing I don’t like…I’m a creature of habit.
  4. More money to buy paint and canvas to produce more Bald Eagle artwork.

I have seen some inspirational material which I’m sure I could use… but do keep a look out for the chicks….they’re just great! If you know of any webcams you would like to share with my readers please post a link in the comments box.We may be able to create a library of virtual bird drawing resources.

Bye for now, see you soon.


  1. British Columbia Bald Eagle web cams
  2. RSPB Goshawk live feed
  3. Loch Garten Osprey live feed
  4. Chichester Peregrines live feed
  5. White tailed eagle



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  1. May 4, 2011 08:17

    Great idea Roger! I keep meaning to dust off my pencils and try sketching again, but it has been a long time!

    • May 4, 2011 12:47

      Thanks Nigel, I hope your drawings are as good as your photography! Send me your sketches and Ill put them on here for everyone to critique? No…well have fun anyway.
      All the best.


  1. Bald Eagle cams British Columbia, No1 viewing material. « Bird Artist…Roger Gregory

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