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Curlew Lake

April 14, 2011

To hear the haunting curlew’s cry just adds to the atmosphere of the day. Stimulating the creative process, this is just like an alarm bell for me to start drawing, to gather the field sketches. This  is the this latest work that I’ve produced in my little studio. Again the venue for this picture was taken from my local lakes at Kingsbury, Warwickshire.

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It can be a  struggle to get to the point where I think the composition is right. This was certainly true for this painting, there must be at least half a dozen drawings on the canvas and as many amendments  to the acrylic painting underneath this final rendition. Because if it doesn’t feel right, I have to keep going until those “feelings” go away.

I decided to go for a close up of the Curlew to allow  for a tight design in the water surrounding the subject. I have also tried to keep a limited colour palette. In doing so, I have omitted such  items such as the reflections of clouds, sun, etc therefore concentrating on the design of the overall picture.

 I am working on a much larger painting, in which I have incorporated the elements of the sun into the artwork, and I will put it on the “Work in Progress” page in a little while.

I do have the habit of “resting” my pictures and then coming back to them several days later. This enables me to make alterations and add any finishing touches. Though I have known the time period to be months rather than days. But eventually they are all completed…simply because they have a story to tell.

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