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Wasps…may help us.

April 12, 2011

I didn’t think I would say that, as like most people I would avoid them as much as possible, and I will put my hand up to squashing a few over the years. It may surely be a coincidence that I had just finish reading a press release about the latest research on wasps by Dr Kaltenpoth. Well, apparently, wasps (and I must add the doc was referring to the beewolf  digger wasps)  can cultivate bacteria on their antennae to ward of fungal threats. The “doc” states that it could bring novel ways of securing new human treatments. You never know our own wasps may be able to produce “antibiotic cocktails” that might be useful for our ever increasing resistance to antibiotics.

Male Vespula vulgaris

So, this little beggar that came into my room whilst I was painting this morning and it didn’t get squished, and was released to the wild, who knows, it may save someones life one day.

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My wasp has Internal GPS antenna…that’s what it says on the box !!

Bacteria in wasp antennae produce antibiotic cocktails. Dr Martin Kaltenpoth, Max Planck
Institute for Chemical Ecology, Research Group Insect Symbiosis
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