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Ved Nayar

April 10, 2011

 I do love to read other artist’s biographies, and I’m sure many of us do. I try to find what sparks off the interest and what keeps it going. Time and time again i find that it is based within nature, whether it may be a bird or a butterfly that has captured their thoughts. This process begins to ignite the spark of creativity and urges them to reproduce an element of art. A process that ranges from the complex realistic interpretation through to expressionism, impressionism or a basic naive image.

This month sees the work of Ved Nayar at the Vadehra art gallery, he is also releasing a book…Drawings:Evolving Human Form. Ved appreciated his rural upbringing , in fact he was living on the edge of a jungle. He states he would “listen to the conversations and the music of the birds” …” Somewhere, sometime during this relationship with the jungle, I think, the desire to express was born in me”. One particular picture that Ved has drawn  caught my eye, it is un-titled, but as Ved’s drawings are about  man evolving, I can only draw to the conclusion that here  man is turning into a bird. Lets be honest, how many of you have dreamed of being able to fly like the birds, well, I will be the first to put my hand up to that.

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Simplicity in its execution, yet none the less intriguing. What do you make of this piece of art?

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