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Sheila Hancock brushes up: The art of watercolours

February 20, 2011

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I followed with interest the latest art programme from the BBC, “Sheila Hancock brushes up: The art of watercolours”. It’s a delight to see some good art programmes on, and long may they continue.  She gives a pleasant walk through the last century or two of how watercolour painting has influenced not only the act of creating art, but its greater impact on influencing our ever increasing pastime of taking foreign holidays. Here is a clip of  Nicola Tenderini emulating Turner.

It was Sheila’s comment near the end of the programme which is highly relevant for us in this digital age, when immediate gratification, or results are a necessity….

Sheila Hancock….” what I like most about water colours is their ability to show emotion,… I think we should treasure watercolours.because they .anything but a throw away image they take thought and effort and they show us the value of taking our time to observe the beauty and pain of the world. And art can have no higher ambition than that.

Its is time, with each of my art works each one captures its own value of time, even paintings of the same size, differ in time, some more some less. To me each as value, and not just the financial value, but the value of angst and pleasure which occupy either end of the emotions scale. As to beauty, I leave that to the eye of the beholder, my aim is to deliver a balance of design in my utopia, and that is with all artists a selfish act that attributes itself to all acts of art.

I also love seeing Turner’s portable leather watercolour palette, just check out the video at the Tate Britain website.

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