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Winter Solice… a magpies’ story

November 1, 2010

January 2010 was some winter and I’m going to predict the end of this year and certainly the beginning of 2011 will be just as snowy. So I’ve started to stock up on a few supplies to see us over the worst of the weather. “Frightfully British” I know… talking about the weather, but it is something we are good at and it is often the “ice breaker” to most conversations which we have…that’s British life for you! Though I’m more interested in bird life as opposed to any other and as we speak the birds are making the best of the ripening berries.

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Winter solice depicts a very cold and bleak winter scene with more than a hint of desperation for food. Though there are many magpie pictures about I have tried to capture the scene as a theatre of winter, rather than the theme often portrayed as a thieving magpie. These three  feeding magpies are searching every nook and cranny  for the smallest of rewards, I am aware, especially as a result of my Mother disliking these birds I find then enthralling. Just take a few minutes or better still a little longer and delight in the antics that they get up too, they are real characters and not just the english magpie, it is across the genus, so wherever you live you should be able to find one.

I have made the distant flying magpie quiet symbolic as it merges into the background, deliberately to juxtapose the similarity with the geometrical background and to differentiate with the pair of birds in the foreground.

I hope you enjoy the picture…all the best,


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  1. jose permalink
    November 14, 2010 14:44

    ty 🙂

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