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Goosander hunting party…River Tame

October 27, 2010

Apparently, minus 30 c, for 30 mins, in a 30 mph wind, will  seriously threaten to life. Therefore with no further adue, I started to do something different. Paint! It hasn’t been my first venture with a brush and canvas, though trying to put together a collection of art work together whilst doing a day job always proved to be difficult.

Now its time to concentrate my mind on some serious painting. It’s my imagination which you see here, some may consider it too contemporary, but these are images which are  tempered by my sensual experiences of wildlife and what it means to me.

What  makes me paint the way I do? the answer is simple…its my interpretation, and because it works for me and for no other reason.I value your critisms so dont be shy, I would love to get some feedback…only as an idication that there is someone out-there!

Roger Gregory,Goosander hunting Party,goosander art,contemporary wildlife art,bird art,goosander,

“Goosander hunting party” was my first attempt at producing a sizable canvas, my usual attempts have been rough notes in a sketch book. I fist saw these birds at the junction of the River Tame and River Anker at the bottom of The Holloway in Tamworth. I was definitely excited to see these hunting birds in our local river…”a first for me”.

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  1. julian james permalink
    January 31, 2013 14:17

    I like your work!!!!
    Hopefully it will give me a few ideas…..I am a full time teacher but enjoy art when I have the time…………I candraw and paint……but creativity is not necessarily my strong point.rather I tend to copy photos, pictures………… your work is an inspiration!!!

  2. January 5, 2016 21:20

    I love your fresh approach to wildlife art. All too often we see photorealism in wildlife where you might just as well have the photograph. Look forward to seeing more

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